1030 Broad St, Newark, NJ 07102 | 973-424-9555

SUNDAY | 11AM Service 


Unity Fellowship Church NewArk is a progressive ministry in Newark, NJ, the greatest city in the great state of NJ. UFCN was founded in 2012 after years of work in both Newark and New Brunswick, where two separate ministries were working hard in their respective communities and decided to merge and move forward in building a work that would outreach and reach out to all.

Pastors Janyce L. Jackson Jones and Kevin E. Taylor have worked for decades in community building, social justice and advocacy, marriage equality, anti-bullying and so many other fields.

Worshipping at the historic Newark Symphony Hall (1030 Broad Street), Jackson Jones and Taylor, along with a powerful and enthusiastic clergy staff and membership, are taking the work of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, founded by Archbishop Carl Bean ("I WAS BORN THIS WAY") to another level, so much so that the city is now the host city for the denomination's annual National Holy Convocation, and will celebrate its 35th Anniversary in Newark in 2017.

If you are looking for church, sanctuary, refuge or simply a place where you can get some "soul food" and be who you are as you are, you are welcome at Unity Fellowship Church NewArk. When we say "WHOSOEVER, WE MEAN IT" so bring your friends, your "friend," your husband or wife, your partner and your potential and let us lift your spirit, restore your joy or help you make it through another weary work week.

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